Are you are looking for the best platform to play with friends? If yes then today we will come with a favorite game fun run 3. The game is launched with multiplayer mode via it you are able to play with friends. Dirtybit releases it with various kinds of exciting missions and modes. On the IOS and Android device, it free to play but some items are purchasable. These all items are purchasable with real and virtual currencies with Fun Run 3 Cheats. You can experience the real action via the help of graphics.

Kinds of Modes-

In fun run 3 various types of modes are available. In each mode unique features and facilities are available. Via help of these modes you can unlock the different features and things. If you want to get complete detail about modes, then read the article.

  1. Quickplay

This mode is a story-based mode in it you can play with different people around the world. In this mode many types of missions are available. You can also earn the rewards from it. This mode is specially made for high-level players.

  1. Friends Modes-

In this mode, you are able to play with friends. For playing in this mode, social site connection is required. When you log in to the game with Facebook at that time your all friends list are shown on screen. Via taping on a list, you can send an invitation to friends.

  1. Practice-

In the game, this mode is specially made for beginners. It means if you are a beginner and not know how to play the game then choose this mode. The practice mode will show you all controls of the game which are useful for beginners. You can obtain points via the help of practice mode, and these points are usable for boosting the level.

Electronic Arts recently launched the new version of their game FIFA Mobile. It is the best sport based category game in the whole world. It is also free to play, but some items are purchasable. If you are a football lover then must download the game.  In it, you can make own team and play with others teams. The social sites are the best source to play with friends. You can also send the challenges to your friends. All the rules are related to a real football game.

Best things-

In the FIFA Mobile, many attractive features are available which make the game accessible. If you know about those unique things then here we will tell you.

  1. Avatar-

In it, you can choose own avatar and give a unique look. It is useful to play on your national team and beat the opposite players. Lots of players are also available like Ronaldo and much more.

  1. Make own team-

It is the best feature in it you can make your team and go to the battles with other teams. With the help of a team, you can join the lots of quests and missions. In the team, you can choose the 11 players from 550 teams. After giving the tanning to your team player and then your team is available to join the events.

  1. Events-

In it, lots of events are organized by the company. In the events mini-missions are available. You should complete the missions to win the events. These events are the best source to earn the rewards currency.

  1. Graphics-

If you want to experience the real football world, then download the game. With the help of higher graphics, the virtual world looks like the real world.

  1. Missions-

Lots of exacting tasks are available in it. Via complete the missions, you can fell the enjoyable. It also counts into the best feature of FIFA Mobile.

  1. Play with friends-

When you open the game and link with the Facebook account, then you are able to play with friends. Its make the game interesting and enjoyable. It is also the best sources to obtain some rewards and coins.

  1. Modes-

Lots of exciting modes are available in it. If you want to play solo, then the single mode is available. As per if you want to give training to players, then training mode is available. So it is also the best feature.



Creative Destruction is a well known mobile game which is launched by the ZuoMasterDevelopere Company.  It is a free mobile game, and you can use the real amount of money in it. In the game, you have to give your best to win against 99 more players from all over the world. You should build the ramps and barriers to block the fires of your enemies.

Always try to build the best player by using all sources of customization. If you want to get more clothes in the game, then you have to kill your enemies to take their clothes and weapons. In the game, you have to give more efforts to earn the currencies by getting Creative Destruction Cheats.

Build quickly to save the energy

The game gives you the option to build the walls around you to save yourself from the attacks. You must collect the material for the building because you don’t know where to have to use it.  Always try to build a strong wall that blocks the gun fires easily.  Try to increase your speed to complete the process quickly, because on that situation you don’t have the time. Use the top roof to know the correct location of your enemies. You should build the small walls for your safety and try to change your place wisely. Always use the sniper rifles in these situations, because it is the only weapon which has the high range lance.

Try to hit the enemies before they beat you.  Smash the battlefield and improve your performance in the game.

Gear up     

If you want to kill other players, then you have to find the strongest gear before the fight. You should search the chests because it is the easiest source to find the high-quality gears in the game. In a chest you can find a lot of needy things like high-rated weapons, shields and more bonuses. It is also a race to find the best weapon before other players. Use your whole power to in the early stages to collect the unique equipments. If you have the super rare weapons in the game, then no one can beat you.





There are a lot of games all around the world. The trend of these games is increasing at a really very remarkable rate. Every day there are a huge number of games that are developed for the people to play and like them.

There are games that are not liked by people and there are some that are liked a lot on the first view. This mainly depends on the type of games and the theme that attracts the people. One of the most liked games is stimulation games. These games are really demanded and liked a lot these days. There are a lot of games that are really demanded and best of all of them is the Westworld.

Points to consider

Westworld is the best stimulation game that you can play on your requirements. There are a lot of things that the player has to keep in mind so that you can easily go through the game. These facts can help you to reach high level easily and really very faster than usual. Here are some of the important facts to consider helping you play Westworld game easily.

  • The first and the foremost thing that the player needs to consider is that he needs to keep an eye on the use of the premium currency with Westworld Hack of the game. In Westworld the premium currency is the green gems that can be used to help the user at the time of need. The only reason behind this is that the premium currency needs to be used at the time of needs.
  • As you are starting the game the main thing that you have to focus on the starting is the Sweetwater. In the starting the game is really easy and you can easily open most of the parts of the game if you play it properly for about 3 hours only. The only reason that the game is demanded is that when you have to start exploring all the different parts of the game. But if you play slowly in the start and understand Westworld game then it will be really very easy for the user to play properly while leveling up.
  • There are a lot of different types of characters in the game that you have to control and keep in mind. One of the main of all of them is the VIP. It is really very important that you make sure that the VIP is entertained and pleased by your host. The reason behind this is that if the VIP is happy then it will give you a lot of benefits and gifts to help you in playing and increase your exp. On the other hand if he is not entertained then it can have you damaged. They will not only affect you much in the starting of the game Westworld.
  • One of the most important parts of the game is the buildings you have to make sure that you have kept them in the best shape and level. It is really very important that you develop all the buildings in your Westworld. It is really important that you do it whenever you can and have the required resources. If you have a shortage of coins you have to develop them. There are also rewards related to upgrading the building. You will get it every time you do it. Along with this once you have reached max level of the building you will get the premium currency that is really hard to earn.

These were some important things that you have to keep in mind so that you do not have to face any issues in future while playing the game.

Gems and Coins Cooking Fever generator


In Cooking Fever, the very first major problem yoll simply take on reaches the speedy food court docket. Following finishing the initial 40 degrees, yoll be encouraged to engage in with an extra 15 exclusive degrees, just about every gratifying you having a mystery bit in the event that you may satisfy up with the needed sum of sales. It appears straightforward but should yore someone whs tried that, then you definitely are aware of exactly how hard it’s.

Finished is, even as a way to engage, yoll want 16,500 coins and also 14 diamonds. In the event you secure the battle, yoll wander off with roughly double that level. This benefit sounds as though it’d be really worth some time still also to truly input the speedy meals the full details court barrier fully willing, yore definitely going to hand outside around an identical sum (or maybe more) in gems and coins to degree up your own restaurant. If this doest disturb you personally and yore just to get a fantastic struggle, then with meango to this!

As said before,, in the event that you’d like to go into the win and challenge, there really are a couple matters that you ought to do in order in order to make certain you’re completely well prepared.

Yoll immediately discover this in Cooking Fever, the very best up grades and objects will probably allow you to stone. In the event you aret informed into the various methods to cooking fever hack bring in jewels afterward this really might quickly become bothersome. Hers afew recognized procedures which can help you get started earning a great deal of stone routinely.

Still another sort of in-game money that yore planning to want a large amount of are all coins. That really is made of completing degrees in pubs as well as a portion of one’s Daily cash flow. In the event you would like to create a lot of coins each day afterward you definitely certainly can this really by unleashing dining places.

Whenever you unlock a cafe like the Bakery, then Barcelona Sports Bar and Pizzeria, subsequently yoll be in a position to maintain the every day Income created by these. In the event you reach 3 celebrities for many of the degrees, then it’s possible to find yourself a fair number of coins regular. To maintain the every day Income, then yoll need to manually go through the declare button at each and every and every restaurant.